2014 Church Conference

Every year, every church within the United Methodist Church gathers for an annual “conference” to remember all the work (ministry) that has been accomplished in the last year and look with hope to the future work God is calling the local church to do. The local church conference reviews and evaluates the total mission and ministry of the church, receives reports, and adopts objectives and goals for the coming year.

The local church conference is more than a business meeting. The objectives, reports, and goals are a statement of the community’s collective faith and spiritual vitality. For this reason, the conference is best held as worship: a time for the church to praise God for all that God has accomplished and all that God is calling and empowering the local church to do for Christ’s sake in the coming year.

The local church conference is the connecting link between the local church and The United Methodist Church (a global connection of some 13 million Christians). The decisions made in this annual church conference will provide the church with vision and direction for the coming year. The conference is led by the District Superintendent: a pastor who helps local churches in a given region fulfill the mission of the Church in accordance with the vision of the area’s resident Bishop.

On Sunday, November 9, Lee Memorial welcomed Rev. David Calhoun, Western Mass/Connecticut District Superintendent, who conducted Lee Memorial’s annual church conference.  Click here to see the 2014 Church Conference Report.  Below are some pictures from worship as Lee Memorial celebrated all that had been done in the last year and looked with great expectation to what God is calling Lee Memorial United Methodist Church to do in 2015.

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