“Family Dinner” on Nov. 2 @6pm

Join us on November 2nd at 6:00pm in the Fellowship Hall for a potluck and discussion about the future of the church—its ministry and facilities.  Think of it like a family dinner where everyone gathers around the table to discuss things that are important, things that matter to the life of the whole.  Everything we do is a joint effort by all of us; and, everything we do effects not only us, but the neighborhood and communities that surround us.  We want to meet, share dinner, listen, talk, and collect everyone’s ideas about strengthening our ministry and witness to the love of God found in Jesus Christ.

The dinner and conversation is meant to help us discern and begin to make plans for the future of the church.  Every voice matters.  Questions and conversation for the evening will revolve around your ideas for ministry and the facility we need to accomplish that work.  Every idea is important as together we seek God’s direction for the church and community.

Dinner will be a potluck.  Please bring something to share.  Paper plates and cups and silverware will be provided.  Why disposable? Because we want everyone to be able to participate in this conversation and not a portion of us back doing dishes.

I hope you’ll consider joining us on November 2nd at 6pm for a “family dinner,” of sorts, where all are invited, all are welcome, and all are encouraged to dream God-sized dreams for the church and community.

Trip McGarvey, Greg Johnson, & Pastor Jacob