Grow as a disciple!

The mission of our Church, The United Methodist Church, is “to make disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”  We want to tell you about some exciting ways for you to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ through the ministry of Lee Memorial United Methodist Church this fall.  It all begins on Sunday, September 11.

10:30am, Worship (A Service of Prayer and Communion)

Prayer, communion, and Scripture reading are three of the primary practices that center a Christian’s life on God.  They are means through which we experience God’s grace, discern God’s will, and are nourished for faithful service in the world.  Each Sunday (beginning September 11), everyone—adults and children—will begin the day with corporate worship—praying, communing, and reading Scripture together—at 10:30am.  Worship will conclude each week with a blessing that leads into a time of Fellowship.

11:05-11:14am, Fellowship (& Children’s Check-in)

Immediately following worship, you are invited to take a little time to meet, greet, and get to know the people around you.  This is also a great time to grab a cup of coffee or tea.  If you are staying for The Message, feel free to bring it with you into the Sanctuary.  Parents with children going to one of the “Message Groups” (think Sunday School classes) should take their children to their classroom at this time.  Note: per Safe Sanctuary policies which are meant to protect everyone in the church, all children (PreK through grade 5) must be checked-in and -out of their group by a parent or guardian.  Parents/guardians will be asked to fill out an information card for each child on his or her first day attending a group.

11:15am, The Message (for children, youth, and adults)

The Good News of Jesus Christ is good news for all; therefore, it should be discovered and discussed in a way that everyone can appreciate and respond to.  With this in mind, Lee Memorial United Methodist Church will be providing several different “Message Groups” that will allow all ages to engage the Scriptures at a level appropriate to their age.

Starting Sunday, September 11, four Message Groups will be offered:

Pre-K through grade 2
Grade 3 through grade 5
Grade 6 through grade 8
Grade 9 through Adult

The PreK through grade 5 classes will be using the Deep Blue Kids curriculum.  There is a FREE app called “Deep Blue Adventures” on the iTunes store that provides fun activities and games to supplement this group experience.  Grade 6 through grade 8 will be using the Submerge curriculum by Deep Blue.    Adults will be discussing a variety of topics throughout the year.

As we transition to this new schedule on Sunday, September 11, we hope that you will consider joining us each week for worship at 10:30am, Fellowship from (approx.) 11:05-11:14am, and in one of the Message Groups at 11:15am.  And, as you do, may you grow in faith and love toward God and neighbor.


Pastor Jacob, Susan Hotchkiss, David Henriques, Lynda Feder-Craney, Jennifer Johnson, Katy Malon, Janet Roche, and Deborah Tallman