Meals served every Sunday from 1-2pm.

We believe community is built one meal at a time when people meet,
serve, and share a meal with neighbors.

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The Community Meal program has brought the community together to share a meal for over 20 years. The program is sustained by organizations and individuals who believe that community is built around the table, one meal at a time, when people have the opportunity to meet one another, share a meal , and serve one another.

Meet & Share a Meal

Knowing your neighbors is an important part of what it means to be a community. Unfortunately, there are very few places to meet them. The Community Meal seeks to provide a safe, comfortable place for you to meet and share a meal with members of the community: people you may not have the opportunity to meet any other way.  Meals are served every Sunday from 1-2pm in the Fellowship Hall (use the rear, lower-level entrance) at Lee Memorial United Methodist Church (294 Washington Street, Norwich).


It takes a lot of work to prepare, serve, and cleanup a meal for the community. You or your organizations help in setting up the space, preparing the meal, serving the meal, and/or cleaning up after the meal is always appreciated. Volunteering is not only a great way to build relationships with those who you are serving and working with, it also provides an essential community service that provides an opportunity for people from all parts of our community to come together in a safe place to meet and share a meal.

Anyone and everyone can serve. Regardless of your age or ability, we will find a way for you to contribute to the life of the community. If you or your team would like to help with a community meal, please contact the office of Lee Memorial (860-887-5886 or info@leememorialumc.org).

Become a Partner

You or your organization can become a partner in the Community Meal by taking responsibility (of resources and volunteers) for at least three meals a year or by making a cash donation of $600. Community Meal partners will be listed on all promotional material. To learn more and become a partner, contact the office of Lee Memorial (860-887-5886 or info@leememorialumc.org).

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