We Worship

Prayer, communion, and Scripture reading are three of the primary practices that center a Christian’s life on God.  They are means through which we experience God’s grace, discern God’s will, and are nourished for faithful service in the world.  Each Sunday, everyone—adults and children—are encouraged begin their week with corporate worship—praying, communing, and reading Scripture together.  Lee Memorial United Methodist Church gathers for worship each Sunday at 10am in the sanctuary (sometimes outside if the weather’s nice) of our main campus located at 294 Washington Street (Norwich, CT).

Worship begins with prayer and communion.  After communion, there is a short time of fellowship during which kids are dismissed for Sunday School.  We gather back together for a formal time of teaching and discussion about the Scripture and topic of the day. 

Lee Memorial United Methodist Church offers several special worship experiences throughout the year that correspond with the Church calendar: Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.  Special services are advertised in the church newsletter, on our facebook page, and on this website.

All worship services are open to the public.  Everyone is invited to participate.  You are always welcome.